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Doctor Blades

  As the exclusive distributor of the Benton doctor blade for the UK and Europe, we are able to offer unique 'chemically engraved' blades which reduce the stressing of the metal caused by grinding.

The blades are packed cut-to-length and placed on a carrier tape into a roll and can be dispensed straight from the box, which ensures that:

  • Doctor Blades fit the chamber first time every time
  • There is no possibility of cut slivers of metal finding their way into packing lines
  • Blades remain completely wrapped inside the box until required
  • There is no waste

Pre cut doctor blades are also available in 100 metre coils.

Doctor Blades - FREE SAMPLE

For further details of the range of doctor blades we have available, please contact us or visit the Benton Graphics website at www.bentongraphics.com

Benton Graphics

Pre Cut Doctor Blades

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